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15 April 2009 @ 11:49 am
I'm back... I think  
Wow, I didn't realize it had been SOOOO long since I last updated!

Due to today's psychology class I now truly understand why my parents chose to homeschool me and what a priceless gift that has been. In class we talked about four different teaching styles and how only one of them is really beneficial to students and the percentage of teachers out there with that style is only 7%. WOW.

Here are some of the links I've been LOVING lately!


I got this description of this blog (http://imaginationinparenting.wordpress.com/) off of phdinparenting: "Annie at Imagination in Parenting is a wonderful photographer and also a mom of twins that enjoys making homemade food, gifts and crafts. Her blog is full of wonderful inspiration with beautiful photographs chronicling her ideas and thoughts. Whether you are looking for ideas for crafts and other homemade things or just need some beautiful pictures to brighten up your day, go and give Annie’s blog a visit.
One of her recent posts was on paper making with her twins. She has step by step pictures showing the process of creating the gorgeous final product. A great rainy day project for her kids."